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Hot-fill DOS 1


The HOT-FILL DOS 1 ensures quick dispensing of liquid products. Soups and sauces are dispensed into containers effortlessly. The HOT-FILL DOS 1 is well suited for dispensing hot products and handles temperatures between 0 – 90°C.

The HOT-FILL DOS 1 makes the work station safer. The machine ensures a proper working position, protecting the operator from straining shoulders and wrists. This reduces inconveniences and prevents injuries.

The HOT-FILL DOS 1 is mounted on swivel wheels allowing the workstation to be moved to the most convenient spot.

Cleaning the HOT-FILL DOS 1 is managed by the built-in semi-automatic CIP system. Here all internal pipes, tubes and valves are cleaned. Naturally all loose parts are dishwasher safe.

HOT-FILL DOS 1 is delivered according to your specific needs or requirements

Technical specifications

Item No.: 2000
Power supply: CEE plug,13 A fuse, 230 Volt
Type B RCD 300mA
Air supply: Tube with quick coupler, minimum 7 bar, 50 l per min.


•    Built-in height-adjustable work-top
•    Built-in compressor


•    All loose parts are dishwasher safe
•    Built-in semi-automatic CIP system
•    Minimizes risk of scalding
•    Increased workplace safety
•    Reduces occupational injuries to shoulders and wrists
•    Optional built-in height-adjustable worktop
•    Optional built-in compressor
•    Low-level noise running
•    Dispensing of puddings, fruit desserts, soups and sauces
•    Dispensing over conveyor, tray-sealer and deep-draw packing machine
•    The dosage is measured out in pulsed  interval
•    User friendly touch screen display
•    Maximum particle size is 5 mm depending on product