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Hot-fill DOS 3


Dispensing hot food products is normally associated with a number of health and safety risks. These risks are minimized with a fully automated dispensing system. The controls make sure that the operator avoids any direct contact with the 90°C hot product. The automatic bag-packing unit seals the bags once they are filled. Furthermore the need for lifting products over long distances is reduced since the ready packaged dishes are transported from the filling station to the operator via a small conveyer belt. This prevents inappropriate working positions.

HOT-FILL DOS 3 ensures uniform portions. The quantity is controlled via the touch- screen display. The display also controls how quickly the product is to be dispensed allowing for flexibility in the workflow.

The fully automated HOT-FILL DOS 3 sucks the product directly from the kettle and is fitted with a temperature alarm consistently ensuring the correct temperature of the product.

Our fully automated HOT-FILL DOS 3 ensures the responsible and efficient dispensing of food products into bags

The process step by step

•   The suction tube is fitted to the kettle
•   The desired quantity per bag is entered on thetouch-screen display
•   Press Go
•   The bags are produced automatically by the bag-packing unit which is fed from a roll of plastic foil fitted on the Hot-Fill
•   HOT-FILL DOS 3 sucks the product from the kettle filling the desired quantity into the bags
•   When the batch is completed the CIP system is fitted by mounting the CIP tube to the bag machine
•   The CIP system cleans all internal parts like tubes, pipes, valves and pump
•   The fully automated cleaning system applies detergent and disinfectant automatically.

Technical specifications

HOT-FILL/CIP for Bag-packing unit

Item No: 5200
Power supply: CEE plug,16 A fuse, 400 Volt
Type B RCD 300mA
Air supply: 7 bar, 400 l per min.
Drain: 100 mm in diameter

Bag-packing unit

Item No: 5200
Power supply: CEE plug, 32 A fuse, 400 Volt
Type B RCD 300mA
Cold water: 3/4”, 2½” bar
Hot water: 3/4”, 2½” bar
Drain: 100 mm in diameter


•   Produced in stainless steel designed for easy cleaning
•    Dispenses mashed potatoes, soups, sauces etc.
•    Dispenses directly from the kettle into Hot-Fill bags
•    Fully automated cleaning system
•    Touch-screen display
•    Temperature alarm with data logging.
•    Built-in USB data logging for logging time and temperature
•    1 kg to 4 kg HOT-FILL bags


•  HOT-FILL DOS 3 comes with pulsed or weighed portions.